So many of us live our life’s waiting for this to happen, or that to happen in order for us to be happy, or we say “when I get that, or go there or ..or…or……my life will be good!  STOP IT!!

I’m sure we have all had moment’s , when those little “quiet” thought’s that nag at us, that beg for us to be better, to live more fully, to have the life we have only dreamed of, amidst the dirty dish’s, the shriveling paycheck,  seem’s impossible? Going from point A to B is the hard part. Where do I even start when my life is so hectic anyway?

The key is to start…somewhere. Yes, I’m going to say make a list first. How can you even know what you really want, what you deep down desire unless you write it down and make a statement to the world. At first, all the “little orphan’s”, those part’s of us that say “you can’t do that” or “your not good enough” will start clamoring, demanding to be heard, so give them a voice. Reassure “your self’s” that you hear them, that you love them and “we” can do this together. Once you’ve given them a voice you can move on to the next step.

What can I do about this thing I want, in the next five minute’s? The next month, by next year? Write it down and make a timeline of what you want to accomplish and when. Once you have identified your goal, and how long you plan to take, start taking some action. If all you get done is a list of what you want, celebrate that, because joy is a higher vibration and it actually “pull’s” the Universe together to bring you exactly what you ask for.

There’s the saying that “you can’t be good for anyone unless your first good to yourself”. That is very true so first and foremost be good to you, even if you can only find five minute’s or ten minute’s a day to devote to yourself at first, then set that aside and don’t fudge on it. Make it very clear to the Universe your heart’s desire, your intent and your gratitude for EVERYTHING in your life just as it is right now. The act of gratitude will pull what you want to you. We can make list’s all day long and day dream about a future fabulous life, but in the NOW is where you architect that life, and having gratitude regardless of your circumstance’s will bring that to you.

I have a gratitude book where I write five thing’s that I am grateful for every day. I have done this for year’s and its amazing how it works? First off you tend to spend your day noticing positive thing’s so you can write them in your book at night, and that alone raise’s your vibration. Being grateful, joyful, positive thought’s are a much higher vibration than anger, frustration, jealousy, then on those day’s you are struggling, and we all have those day’s, you can go back and read your journal and “remember” those little thing’s that made you happy and brought you joy.

What you need to understand is, if your putting your “order” out to the universe and your vibrating on level ten, and then the little orphan’s creep in and say “that will never work” or “you can’t do that”, “your not good enough” or whatever it is you say to “your self’s’ by doing that you have lowered your vibration. Now your on level five and wondering why it hasn’t shown up? It’s because now your on level five and it may have shown up but it went to the level you made your request and your not there!

All I’m saying dear one’s is, start somewhere today, now!. Don’t wait to have that life you’ve dreamed of;  state your intention’s, make that list, celebrate yourself, and even ONE thing you did toward your goal. Celebrate with joy any progress, and alway’s be grateful for everything in your life exactly as it is right NOW.  In doing that alone it will pull those desire’s to you, it cannot fail because this is the Law of Attraction and you can begin to start enjoying every moment of your fabulous life! Good Luck and Many Blessings!

Single, Sixties, Significant?

It happened! I am now considered old, worn out, invisible? I am 60ish  female, single, and everything I have ever thought about a women of my age, right down to what I would wear, and what I would think, is nowhere to be found?

As a child my experience with aged people were my grandparent’s, both set’s, as different as night and day. Similar in their unending patience and love of a good laugh. On my mother’s side my grandpa, an alcoholic who commanded horse’s by twisting their ear’s into submission , alternating with  sitting in a chair “sleeping” with a cigarette dangling precariously between his finger’s and an ash so long that I would sit  waiting and wondering when it  was going to fall? On the other side grandma was energetic, a fabulous cook and gardener who held a deep love of fishing and bowling and she was very adept at both. One fine day   when I was around 8 year’s old she took me to a huge amusement park.  We rode the big roller coaster together where I promptly smacked my face against the bar on the very first dip and that resulted in me bleeding all over the place until the end of the ride. It seem’s funny and yet familiar when I think of it because as a result of the blood everywhere I got a brand new shirt out of the deal and I have only fond and happy memories of that day because it was just her and I. That particular day I had her all to myself and I felt loved and very special which was a very fleeting feeling of my youth. Rarely did I ever do anything with an adult that didn’t include brothers, sister or cousin’s, so that day really stand’s out in my memories.

On the other hand my grandparent’s on my father’s side  relocated from the harsh reality of poverty on the reservation’s of Oklahoma. Being Cherokee and not proud they moved out west to Washington with their two boys one being my dad. My grandma was stern but loved a good laugh and I remember her belly going up and down as she laughed. Grandad was kind, a gentle soul and I never once heard him raise his voice to anyone. They both had a special relationship and often would look at each other with a smile and a  knowing that I didn’t understand but wanted to.

My grandparent’s were married since they were young to the same person and were surrounded by loving children, grandchildren, niece’s and nephews. Holiday’s consisted of lot’s of food and music. Mom played the piano, Dad played the guitar, grandma played the banjo and we all sang. Both side’s of family got together to celebrate all the holiday’s, we didn’t go to one grandparent’s one time and the other the next, we were all together everytime.

So what happened from then to now? I have two loving children who live far away from me, one is married one not, no grandchildren. We have great relationship’s they love me and I love them dearly, love isn’t the question. I assumed when my hair turned gray and my back was crooked,that I would have shared decade’s with the one man I loved and married and we, like my grandparent’s would be surrounded with extened family, or so I thought? In fact I couldn’t have imagined any other way for it to be, but somewhere in my 40’s, after failed marriage’s, horrible painful divorce’s but necccesary I started to get the feeling that my life just wasn’t going the way I had planned? So here I find myself in my sixties, single and desperately trying to stay significant even though I seem to be walking through my life unseen in the eye’s of the world. Feeling unnecessary  in the eye’s of a new generation and insignificant in  a world that tell’s me every day by their commercial’s, magazine’s and movie’s that the line’s on my face, the gray hair on my head and the part’s of my body that have given up the good fight and settled into a more comfortable but sagging position, say that I am unattractive. What’s left for me? I am everything my grandparent’s were not, and that alone lead’s me on a path I have never before  seen with no compass to navigate?

But wait….how utterly exciting! I am still that little girl looking for approval, still the young women that made head’s turn, and now the intelligent elder who hold’s wisdom that no young person can. I have lived a good, roller coaster of a life with many joys and many sorrow’s but I have lived it to the best of my ability. Have I made mistake’s hell yes! Have I done good thing’s in this world, hell yes!  All in all I think that’s what life is? I feel inside just as I did many year’s ago the only difference is my body has changed and that is what we are judged upon. I am relevant, interesting and am full of love to give to anyone who is lucky enough to receive it from me. I have made a difference in peoples life’s and will continue to do that until I take my last breath, I will love and be loved and I am my grandparents, I have their value’s but  just a different version. I am  still valuable and relevant to this world and will be until I am no more. Life continued after their death’s as life will continue after mine and hopefully somewhere some child will remember the love, the fun, the wisdom of an old lady as I did? In the end its love and memories that sustain us…..

Lesson’s of Life

I wanted my blog to be about the human spirit prevailing even under dire circumstances. Personally I am drawn to movie’s, stories, and programs or books about human beings who struggle under terrible condition’s, they fall down but keep on fighting to persevere, not necessarily financially but spiritually.

I have had many experience’s where I thought I could never make it through, but somehow, some way I did.  Now looking back I can see how every “piece of the puzzle” came together all  at the right time for a healing. Now at the time I was going through these challenges I couldn’t even imagine coming out the other side, but I did?How does that happen? Are we even aware of what is at work when we face hardship’s or deep sorrow? In my humble opinion I believe it is a “Force” A Universal Power, God, Good positive energy, and negative energy that comes into play. Add some real emotion’s and feelings to the mix and you have a “situation”.

What I hope to accomplish in my blog is real story’s and situation’s that we can all learn from.  I believe we are ALL called to learn,love and evolve in our lifetime here on this planet, and I want to do that with you the reader.  I am not a professor of anything or any subject but LIFE and I have a PHD in that! Because I have battled with addiction’s,and loss most of my life I feel as though this blog will be cathartic and healing for myself and if it helps anyone besides myself to deal with their “problem’s”  then even better!

Stay tuned for “Lesson’s in Life”!!!

Love, Light and Happiness to you all, Shelley